• My first artist book; generated from my performance, Making Sense is now at Printed Matter: see & purchase here
    “Making Sense” performans kitabını buradan satın alabilirsin.

  • New Social Dreaming Matrix on the 5th of November, 2023 @ Online
    “Social Dreaming Matrix” yeni serisi Kasım 2023’de başlıyor.

La Selva Human Nature Connect
2023 Residency, Rome

2023 Feralpy Exhibiton, Flux Factory Residency, NY

MA, Contemporary Art Practice

2022-2023 Royal College of Art, London

2021  Spaces of Culture, Istanbul

Select Group Show
2021 Mamut Art Project , Istanbul

Self-organized exhibition
2020 Modes of Encounter, Istanbul

2022 Body as Erotic Site, Laboratory

2020-... Social Dreaming Matrix, Method 

Events & Seminars
2020 Working In the Unthought Known: The Octopus and Her Tentacles, Social Dreaming Matrix Seminar, The Laboratory for Social Choreography at Duke University, in partnership with the Centre for Social Dreaming

2018-2019 Definition of Art Group, Conceptual Art Event, İstanbul

2017-2018 Definition of Art Group, Conceptual Art Event,  İstanbul

Movement Research and Body-Breath-work
2012-... Independent Breath & Movement Researcher & Practitioner

2018 Shamanic Improvisation Potential with Keith Hennessy, ImpulsTanz, Vienna

2018 Provocation X Care with Keith Hennessy, ImpulsTanz, Vienna

2018 Somatic Movement Teacher Training part 1 with Dieter Rehberg, ImpulsTanz, Vienna

2018  Physical Theatre Course with
Bedirhan Dehmen

2017 Body-Focused Art with Tuğçe Tuna [simultaneously with 'Portfolio Design, Presentation, Criticism' course], Nesin Mathematics Village, Şirince

2016  The Ricean School of Dance with the organising team working under the guidance of Vitoria Kotsalou, Hydra Island, Greece

As a practice-led artist, Ülkü Çağlayan's work encompasses facilitation and performance, moving fluidly between the two. The concept of the thought body serves as the primary vessel for her artistic thinking. In her practice, the body becomes a site for exploring sensuality, breath, playfulness, and transgression. Emphasizing the participatory nature of the body as a generative methodology, she incorporates various elements such as text, spoken word, sound, live installations, and moving images.

Ülkü's work resides at the intersection of social choreography and the psychosphere, delving into protomental states and embodied imagination. In her writing practice, she weaves together the threads of écriture féminine, and the realm of dreams. She is a facilitator of "Social Dreaming Matrix," a process that explores accessing shared "unthought knowledge" through the analysis of nighttime dreams and associations.