2022 BODY AS AN EROTIC SITE, Playshop, Embodied Research

A laboratory to include the embodied thinking on the concept of erotic body as a site and using its experience for further investigations through readings, exercises and experiences that enable us to elucidate noun phrases such as sensitive, sensual, sexual, and breathing body. I devised this lab to allow us to have open discussions without a verbal decency; without censoring our language so that by breaking our silence we not only better understand the powers that cause the repression but also reinforce ourselves against them.

What reveals when we -  by positioning ourselves as an active subject - come into contact with our familiar body geography, that we are actually unfamiliar with?

Do we have the ability to respond -responsibility- to what comes out, to what happens?

How can our eroticized bodies create possibilities for co-existence?

Design by Lara Kalecik