2023 BODY AS BATTLEFIELD, Playshop, Embodied Research 

Amidst our precarious existence where everything is constantly being razed and destroyed, Let's envision the body as an antibody that staunchly defends our ongoing struggles.

The key, however, is for desire to transform into an autonomous compass that hears itself, even in the midst of the battlefield.

Aren't our bodies, which have become a dwelling where external forces intersect and interact with our internal conflicts, also like a battleground?

In this two-day laboratory, participants engage in exercises and readings that question and sense the role of desire in rebellion, resistance, and transformation.

By delving into speculative scenarios together, they are invited to examine how to infuse our elevated will into our desires, if there is one that envelopes us.

This way,  I hope we can seek for ways to chanell it with intention; so that it wont expend or squander recklessly and senselessly.

Not with reason, but with play; we will experiment with preliminary rehearsals of certain dystopias  by harnessing the power of our erotic imagination.

Design by Lara Kalecik