Home Is A Shared Breath

I don’t have to, I don’t need to,
It’s not that I can’t do. . .
Yet, I prefer not to rush
to give language to things,
or to speak, or to respond. . .

My breath starts writing a poem
There are more spaces and pauses
than words
showing me the negative space around the language
tempting me more and more
towards my intentional space for silence. . .

I am discovering wordlessness

My breath is writing a poem
No clean orders
No strict forms
Invisible and silent as the wind
Melodic and loud as a song

It sees the words as part of our sensory experience.

My breath is punctual
Always here
Carefree of the idea of linear time
Moving in its own rhythm

My breath is salient
everything outside of itself
I can hear it so well now
It teaches me to listen

I hear all kinds of sounds,
all types of dialogues. . .
The more I learn to listen
The more I hear.

I now sense all the edges
I hear the silence

This is the silence of
awareness, conscious thoughts,
unconscious inputs,
reflexes, and hunches
embedded with intuitive feelings
not always easy to grasp

It is safe to breathe. It is easy to breathe.


Unusual thoughts arise,
neither from a linear; nor cognitive
rather a feeling-sensing thinking,
and embodiment.

My prefrontal cortex is temporarily off
this is a self-hypnosis

I hear the silence
even freer now to explore more
in the depth of this silence
my breath walks me home
I am filled with exotic wonders

I am finally home
And I am not alone


Home is even                                     
in a way, nothing overshadows nothing
We hear all kinds of sounds
in an ecology,
Voices and reflections
almost like  a tacit prayer
binding expressions without words

this is a dialogical exploration
outside of me

A transition from I to you, to them
Greetings non-humans, super novas, super starts
we are all home

Big, deep, connected breaths.

Home is a smooth space
where we are free to move.
Home is shared breath
where it is safe to breathe.
We form new bonds,
embody new joinings,
generate new dialogues.

Voices and reflections at home,
effortlessly finding their meanings in our bodies, in our breaths
Conversations are instantly embodied
With breath we make sense

We intercommunicate through distance, through silence

to convey messages, insights and intuition to each other

there is so much that is communicated without saying something. . .

everyone here, right now is part of this dialogical exploration

Big, deep, connected breaths.

~ ~ ~

Our breaths are deeply united.
We are interconnected.