2021 MAKING SENSE, Publishing, 65 Questions, 200 Editions, 12x16 cm, 176 pages, offset print

This book with its typographic experiments suggests to the reader an embodied approach. In order to elude merely cognitive or deterministic thinking, it almost wants these questions not to be answered. Only then, do words and possibly questions become part of a sensory experience.
“Making Sense” is ongoing performative research on embodied mind where beautiful questions are used as intellectual inputs. The book has 65 beautiful questions from 9 people consisting of artists, thinkers and dancers.

The book was generated from my performance "Making Sense", where I "played" with beautiful questions. The book serves as an extension and documentation of the performance, incorporating the questions presented during the work.

︎︎︎Link to how I launched my book through this performative event.

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  • Ska, Asmalımescit Mh. Beyoğlu
  • BAS, Kemankeş Mh. Karaköy
  • Performistanbul Canlı Sanat Araştırma Alanı, Hacımimi Mh. Beyoğlu

 Recording of the performative event

Camera and editing: Cem Gülsüm