2021 SOCIAL DREAMING MATRIX, Participatory Practice, Method, Session

Online, Istanbul

SDM sessions are hosted by me in Turkish, in the physical and online spaces. I have been practising
Social Dreaming with The Laboratory for Social Choreography at Duke University,
in partnership with the Centre for Social Dreaming.

The theme we worked on throughout the year:
Working In the Unthought Known: The Octopus and Her Tentacles

About The Work

Originally discovered by Gordon Lawrence at the Tavistock Institute in the 1980s, Social Dreaming is a widely respected practice to cultivate free associations and systemic thinking, so as to create links,
find connections, and generate new thoughts.

Negotiating with the associative unconscious, probing the depths of the ‘Oceanic’ through the theory and practice of Social Dreaming, creating new thinking. The dream space will allow for the emergence of principles and frameworks for Social Dreaming as a lightning conductor for creative thinking, charting contemporary theory and practices underpinning Social Dreaming.

The sessions were led under the guidance of author, academic and practitioner, Dr Julian Manley (UCLan/UK).