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2020 TO PROTECT EVERYTHING FROM EVERYTHING ELSE, Performance & Installation, Speculative Research, plastic bag, water

In this performance, I chose a plastic bag, a material that water can shape, seep through, or find creative escape routes, and expose the relationship between them, as well as my relationship to them, through movement and time as I walk in the most unbearable parts of Istanbul, unconventionally dripping my mark. It is to highlight my frustration with the political and social realities of Turkey and how this insecurity contributes to our way of being and becoming.

I deal with this relationship as a creative process or the birth of ideas; ideas becoming, coming to existence—what are the underlying qualities during this transition, of this becoming?

The installation, derived from the performance, revolves around the interplay between the fluidity, movement, and fertility of ideas. This contrast is embodied in a transparent glass seesaw—a delicate equilibrium that both confines and exposes human vulnerability. The performative act of this piece lies in its portrayal as a fragile, non-functioning seesaw.